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At M·power, we’re in it to win it, regardless of challenges or roadblocks.

Our commitment isn’t just to projects, but to the people who make small and medium sized businesses work. M·power’s role is equipping our clients for growth, and then growing along with them.


M·power’s strategy process is a true deep-dive into your marketplace, an examination of your planned offerings, and a holistic channel and content approach designed to give your company a strategic pathway to success.

The M·power team knows marketing, and we do it well. From traditional channels to today’s omni-channel approach, we use our creative, effective, and measurable methods to build your company’s success in the marketplace.

Marketing, sales, and product development – they are only as good as the research that supports them. Find out who your customers are, what drives them, and who you’re up against with market research from M·power.

What you say, how you say it, where you say it. Businesses can no longer afford to make communication a secondary need – communications plans are a necessity in an information-hungry world.

Knowing you have the M·power team’s extensive background in legal, regulatory, and compliance law at your back gives you the confidence you need to move ahead with your business plans.

The best way to succeed is to create an environment for success. M·power’s amazing depth of operational and organizational expertise and experience provides value to your business, starting day one.

M·power provides training programs that are specialized to job function, tailored to your organization, and proven effective. Get specific skill development tools and support for you – not leftovers from someone else’s business.

B2B isn’t B2C - and we get it. M·power can improve your B2B sales efforts by focusing on relationship building and establishing and deepening marketing channels.



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Strategy, content and implementation that fits anything from billboards to blogs, print to Pinterest. We specialize in helping businesses make the leap from traditional marketing methods into digital marketing and advertising!


Yes, we love to develop new ideas, brainstorm, create, and make crazy-wonderful things happen for our clients. But we also aren’t afraid to jump into the hands-on work that makes change transpire and growth occur. Whether that’s facilitating staff or management retreats, developing marketing campaigns, tapping our extensive networks to find the perfect vendor for a project, or building content to align with a new product or service, M•power will make it happen.


Like our client companies, M·power is unique in so many ways. Here’s just a sampling of what makes us tick!

100% Women-Owned
52% Rural Clients
14% International Clients
57% Coop, Mutual & Non-Profits


The M·power team is amazing, and a large part of our ability to be growth partners for our clients is the exceptional depth and breadth of our staff. We’ve been CEOs and CMOs. We’ve earned law degrees. We’ve owned small businesses, and run corporations. We’ve lived urban and we’ve lived rural. We’ve built products and developed services. We can tell our 4Ps from our 4Is. We can speak bleed specs and social media metrics. Roll it all together, and the M·power team delivers some serious insight and expertise.



M•power maximizes your organization’s effectiveness across ALL channels. We offer operational consulting, customized employee training, traditional marketing agency services, digital marketing agency services, B2B marketing, regulatory and compliance legal services, and communication and business strategy development. We’re Google Partners, hold AdWords Certification, and are Hootsuite-certified Social Media Marketing Managers. MEET US.



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